Developing an instrument to evaluate the OLI Olympic education program in Turkey : case study of implementation / Omur Dugan, Elif Bozyigit, Ian Henry

Dugan, Omur | Bozyigit, Elif | Henry, Ian

The goal of the ‘Olympic Movement’ is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practices with Olympism and its values. To contribute to the Olympic Movement; Culture and Olympic Education Commission of Turkish NOC, has prepared an interactive Olympic education project called “OLI” since 2009, which reached 3 million students. It is very important to develop a means to analyze if the Olympic education program OLI fullfills its aims. Therefore the research question of this study is “What are the principal aims of the OLI program and how can we develop an evaluation procedure to assess the extent to which these aims are achieved?”


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