Sport fans : the psychology and social impact of fandom / Daniel L. Wann, Jeffrey D. James


Wann, Daniel L. | James, Jeffrey D.

Edited by Routledge. London - 2019

Sports, and the fans that follow them, are everywhere. “Sport fans: the psychology and social impact of fandom” examines the affective, behavioural, and cognitive reactions of fans to better comprehend how sport impacts individual fans and society as a whole. Using up-to-date research and theory from multiple disciplines including psychology, sociology, marketing, history, and religious studies, this textbook provides a deeper understanding of topics such as: the pervasiveness of sport fandom in society, common demographic and personality characteristics of fans, how fandom can provide a sense of belonging, of uniqueness, and of meaning in life, the process of becoming a sport fan, sport fan consumption and the future of sport and the fan experience. The text also provides a detailed investigation of the darker side of sport fandom, including fan aggression, as well as a critical look at the positive value of fandom for individuals and society. “Sport fans” expertly combines a rigorous level of empirical research and theory in an engaging, accessible format, making this text the essential resource on sport fan behaviour.

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