Sink or swim : the impact of having a child with Olympic potential on family well-being / Anastasia Christoforou

Christoforou, Anastasia

Edité par Brunel University . London - 2018

This research explores the impact of elite sport on family well-being (FWB), through the experiences of four Cypriot families, which have an adolescent swimmer with Olympic potential. Following the interpretative phenomenological analysis approach, this study examined the participants’ experiences that took place within a year, covering the happenings they experienced during pre-season, competition season and off-season, through four follow-up individual interviews. The findings present the various ways in which, participation in elite sport impacts the social and psychological well-being of the individuals, and how subsequently, that affect influences their FWB and the athletes’ sporting experiences. This study also provides an in-depth understanding of how the lack of trust and fear become significant drivers of parents’ involvement, and illustrates how participation has contributed in strengthening the siblings’ relationships. Moreover, it discusses sociocultural factors that influence the participants’ sporting experiences and how elite sport has become a habitus. This study suggests measures that sporting organizations could adopt to support families in maintaining their well-being and the athletes’ efforts into becoming Olympians.


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