Mount Gariwang : an Olympic casualty / Liv Gi-He Yoon

Gi-He Yoon, Liv

Edited by University of British Columbia. Vancouver - 2019

This dissertation is about Mount Gariwang in South Korea that was partially bulldozed for a one-time event, a failed attempt to save it, and how different groups of people responded to the issue. Study one revealed that the issue was portrayed variably across differently positioned media outlets. In study two, interviews with activists shed light on the role of emotions in how activists understand and respond to a ‘failed’ movement. Interviews with local residents for study three revealed that local stakeholders’ experiences were influenced by multiple factors, such as their proximity to the mountain, their understandings of their role as citizens, and the broader historical development trajectories of South Korea. The findings together highlight the various interests, injustices and inequalities that underlie environmental controversies. By seeking various perspectives, I intend to highlight the importance of challenging taken-for-granted understandings of an issue as a way of creating openings for alternative futures.


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