Rio 2016 Olympic Games second anniversary special edition / Otávio Tavares... [et al.]

Tavares, Otávio

Edited by Journal of human sport and exercise. University of Alicante - 2019

This special issue was published following the 2018 Olympic Studies Forum was held at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Vitória - Espirito Santo, Brazil), which brought together academics and researchers from the Olympic themes. There were oral presentations and conferences with the aim of preserving or recreating the legacies of the notable mega events in Brazil.

The ‘Olympic Studies Forum 2018: Rio, Buenos Aires and Tokyo: the Olympic Movement in three times’ — Tavares, Otávio.
Brazilian sailor at the Olympic Games of the 1950s — Fernandes da Silva, Carolina, Zarpellon Mazo, Janice.
Among identities, claims and resignifications: memories of the Afro-Brazilian protagonism in the Olympic Sport by Soraia André — Ferreira Junior, Neilton, Rubio, Katia.
Sport as a medium for the development of virtuous man — Vela de Britto Pereira, Ricard.
Possibilities of Olympic Legacy Rio 2016: a systematic review — Camargo, Leonardo Perovano; Tavares, Otávio.
The three dimension model for grassroots sport: an opportunity to transform coaches professional practice with the use of Olympic Values Education Program in Puerto Rico — Álvarez Feliciano, Ramón Luis.
Students’ perception about the Olympic values experience in Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the future of the Olympics — Merlin, Gabriel; Müller, Norbert; Todt, Nelson.
Meanings about soccer in the vision of athletes from youth teams — Lindern, Daniele; Faggiani, Fernanda; Mester, Ariela; Lisboa, Carolina Saraiva de Macedo.
Acceptance and commitment therapy as a proposal of treatment for expatriates in soccer — Faggiani, Fernanda; Finger, Igor da Rosa; Pureza, Juliana; Lisboa, Carolina Saraiva de Macedo.
Olympic values inventory (IVO): validation of an instrument for social sports programs — Scarton, Alessandra; Merlin, Gabriel; Da Costa, Tiago; Todt, Nelson; Saldanha, Ricardo.
The Globall football glossary application: timeless product and legacy of the 2014 FIFA World Cup — Todt, Nelson; Perna, Cristina; Delgado, Heloísa; Pellanda, Eduardo; Furtadod, Diego Freitas; Rolim, Luis Henrique.
Youth Olympic Games: using marketing tools to analyse the reality of GCC countries beyond Agenda 2020 — Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Leonardo José; Zardini-Filho, Carlos Eugênio; Cazorla Milla, Asli.
Olympic education at the Rio 2016 Games: a georeferenced analysis — Kirst, Flavio Valdir; Tavares, Otávio.
Report of a preventive intervention based on cognitive-behavioural therapy and positive psychology for adolescent athletes — Marques Strey, Artur; Lindern, Daniele; Lisboa, Carolina Saraiva de Macedo.


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