OVEP workshop plan : leargning through physical activity : train the trainers / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Edited by International Olympic Commitee. Lausanne - 2017

This plan is to be used in conjunction with "The fundamentals of Olympic values education: a sports-based programme", as part of the OVEP 2.0 pack. Linked to the five educational themes (i.e. experiencing the joy of effort through sport and physical activity; learning to play fair; practising respect; pursuit of excellence; and balance of body, will and mind), the 2.5-day (20-hour) workshop is aimed to build the capacity of educators/ facilitators to effectively pass on the learning messages of OVEP.

A for another edition on the same support: Plan d'atelier du PEVO : apprendre par l'activité physique : formation des formateursA for another edition on the same support: Planificación de talleres del PEVO : aprender a través de la actividad física : formación de formadoresA for another edition on the same support: Plán workshopu OVEP : vzdelávanie sa prostredníctvom fyzických aktivít : vytrénuj trénerov

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