Activity sheet : exercices to support Olympic values education / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Edité par International Olympic Committee. Lausanne - 2016

Blending sport with education and cultural expression continues to be the foundation of the IOC’s Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP), version 2.0. It serves to supplement teaching delivery using the attractiveness of sport and Olympism. OVEP 2.0 is based on the Olympic philosophy that learning takes place through the balanced development of body, will and mind. The OVEP curriculum 2.0 embraces an active approach using fun activities, transfer of factual knowledge and a practical application of 21st century learning competencies. The activity-based content allows students to experience learning values through the medium of play and is guided by sport pedagogy that focuses on exploration of identity, historical reference, memories and stories, a holistic community orientation, and intergenerational engagement. This document is one of the four resources which compose the OVEP 2.0 programme. The activity sheets are designed to facilitate a very ‘hands-on’ approach. Teachers can use a single activity sheet, or group of sheets to immediately engage students in guided activities.

A pour autre édition : Feuilles d’activité : exercices pour soutenir l’éducation aux valeurs Olympiques A pour autre édition : Fichas de actividades : ejercicios de apoyo a la educación en valores olímpicos A pour autre édition : Activity sheet: exercices to support Olympic values education (English, Japanese, Russian and Lithuanian)

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