Get active ! : activity sheet : 9-12 year-old pupils / Vincent Brügger

Brügger, Vincent | Musée olympique (Lausanne)

Edité par The Olympic Museum. Lausanne - 2016

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is involved in combating and obesity, particularly through its “Sport for All” programme and The Olympic Museum’s “Get active!” exhibition for young people (2015). These efforts complement the actions taken by the IOC’s partner organisations: the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its commission on ending childhood obesity (internationally), and Promotion Santé Suisse and the Federal Office for Sport (OFSPO) with its “Faire bouger la Suisse” programme, (the “Get active” partners in Switzerland). The aim of this activity sheet is to draw attention to the importance of being active, understand the skills needed to be active and the advantages of doing so, such as well-being, living together and self-esteem and increase interest in regularly practising sport or a physical activity. This activity sheet was created taking into consideration the objectives of the plan d'études romand (PER).

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