Sport, education and social policy : the state of the social sciences of sport / ed. by Gudrun Doll-Tepper... [et al.]

Doll-Tepper, Gudrun

Edited by Routledge. London - 2017

This important study brings together world-leading researchers to reflect upon the state of the social scientific study of sport. Addressing three core themes in sport studies - equality, education and policy - the book looks back over the development of sport research in recent decades and offers new insights into future lines of enquiry. Presenting a unique collection of authoritative perspectives from some of the best-known scholars in the social scientific study of sport, the book engages with key contemporary issues such as gender stereotypes in physical education, ethnicity, inclusion and critical race theory, physical literacy, physical activity and health, and international sport governance. Its chapters address major topics such as the globalisation of physical activity initiatives and the involvement of the EU in developing sport policies, as well as shedding light on new areas of research such as the growing participation of Muslim women in sport. This book is fascinating reading for any researcher or advanced student working in sport studies, physical education or kinesiology.

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