Theorizing ambush marketing in the Olympic Games / Dana Lee Ellis

Ellis, Dana Lee

Edited by ProQuest. Ann Arbor - 2013

This research comprises three interconnected studies that, when considered together, attend to the dissertation’s purpose of presenting an integrated conceptual framework for ambush marketing in the Olympic Games. This has been accomplished in two ways: (1) the use of institutional theory, supported by network theory, as a lens to view and understand evolutionary processes in Olympic sponsorship and ambush marketing and (2) the use of grounded theory to build a conceptual framework of ambush marketing from the findings. Broadly, the model suggests the evolution of ambush marketing is partially impacted by, and an outcome of, institutional forces and considerations. Study 1 examines the process of institutionalization in the evolution of Olympic sponsorship during its most critical period of growth. Study 2 examines how Olympic ambush marketing stakeholder power and transfer of sponsorship and ambush marketing knowledge has influenced institutional processes toward the state of anti-ambush legislation as institutionalized brand protection. Study 3 examines the contemporary state of Olympic sponsorship evidenced by institutionalized legislated brand protection.

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