Olympic review : official publication of the Olympic Movement

Vol. 105, October/November/December 2017

Numéro de revue

P. 7 - Foreword by IOC President Thomas Bach.
P. 8 - Snapshot - Eye-catching sporting images from the past quarter.
P. 12 - News - The latest news and events from around the Olympic Movement.
P. 26 - Beyond the rings - At last, sportswomen are beginning to be treated equally, writes Nancy Lee.
P. 28 - Athlete365 - The new IOC initiative that is supporting athletes throughout their journey.
P. 30 - Cover story - Passion, connected. Olympic review looks at how PyeongChang is balancing traditional Korean hospitality with innovation to deliver a cutting-edge Olympic Winter Games.
P. 50 - Destination PyeongChang - Meet three more Winter sports stars on the quest for Olympic glory.
P. 56 - Olympic Channel - The Olympic Channel follows athletes on the "Road to PyeongChang".
P. 58 - Olympic Solidarity - PyeongChang 2018 hopefuls reveal how they have benefited from IOC support.
P. 62 - Active cities - The Canadian city of Richmond shows how it is making a difference as part of the global active city programme.
P. 66 - IOC women and sport awards - Profiles of the 2017 winners.
P. 68 - Olympic flashback - Turn back the clock to the Olympic Games Mexico City 1968.
P. 72 - My Games - Australian sprinter Cathy Freeman explains how she used her Olympic experiences to set up her own foundation.
P. 76 - Olympic studies - The latest news and book reviews from the IOC Olympic Studies Centre.
P. 81 - Obituaries - Olympians and figures from the Olympic Movement who have passed away.
P. 82 - Fast facts - Key facts and figures about the journey of the Olympic torch relay.

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