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Behind the scenes with the Rio 2016 cauldron / A. Garcia


Garcia, A.

Soon after the Opening Ceremony broadcast in Rio on 8th August 2016, when the cauldron was unveiled to the world, two individuals involved in the design and creation of the 2016 cauldron participated in an online discussion on about the origin of the project. They broke tradition by publicly revealing themselves in the process rather than participating in the discussion anonymously. Previously, creators of any facet of an Olympic Opening Ceremony would have been loathe to reveal their identities so publicly and were constrained by confidentiality agreements. This time, however, such agreements did not seem to be an impediment. The designer of the cauldron revealed himself to be American sculptor Anthony Howe, a Washington state based artist, best known for his so-called metallic, ‘kinetic’, perpetual-motion, free-standing sculptures. The second person involved in the creation of the cauldron who participated in the open forum was Jean-Benoit Aubry, the project manager for Show-Canada.

See the issue of "Journal of Olympic history, 25.3, 2017"

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