The early history of Olympism in Uruguay (1911-1924) : a national-global perspective / Shunsuke Matsuo

Matsuo, Shunsuke

Edité par The University of Tokyo. Tokyo - 2018

This research examines the early history of Olympism in Uruguay beyond the alleged “beginning” in 1923. Based on a thorough investigation on primary sources related to the IOC, the YMCA, and the National Committee of Physical Education (CNEF), the governmental institution in charge of all national sports policy in Uruguay, it has revealed that the CNEF, as part of its policy-setting efforts, maintained a constant communication with the Olympic Movement as early as the 1910s. The outcomes of this research also shed light on the important role that Uruguay played in the global enterprise for Olympic diffusion in South America during the early 1920s. In fact, the IOC-YMCA partnership formed in 1920 resulted in Uruguay in an extraordinarily intense collaboration between the IOC, the YMCA, and the CNEF, three institutions that shared a similar ideal of mass sports promotion. The award of the Olympic Cup to the CNEF in 1925 testifies to this harmonious relationship. However, this IOC-YMCA-CNEF triangle tragically collapsed during the latter half of the 1920s.


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