Sports industry : lost in transition? : PwC's sports survey 2018


Edité par PwC. [S.l.] - 2018

This survey was conducted by the Sports Business Advisory team between the months of May and June 2018 through an online questionnaire that was distributed to sports industry leaders across the world. Beyond an overall assessment of industry growth and threats, this report features three areas singled out for deeper analysis: (i) what the future of the sports media landscape will look like, (ii) how to drive ROI through sports sponsorship going forward, and (iii) how to approach the fast-growing space of esports. In broad terms, the report shows that the transition towards the digital consumption of sports content is intensifying, causing more disruption than ever in the media space, that sponsors are behind the curve in understanding how to engage the millennial consumer, and that esports has become too commercially relevant to be ignored by traditional sports.


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