Managing compliance with the world anti-doping code : China's strategies and their implications / Tien-Chin Tan, Alan Bairner, Yu-Wen Chen

Tan, Tien-Chin | Bairner, Alan | Chen, Yu-Wen

To understand China's strategies for managing compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code and also the implications behind those strategies, this study borrows ideas from theories of compliance. China's high levels of performance in sport, judged by medal success, have undoubtedly placed the country near the top of the global sports field. Therefore, how China acts in relation to international organizations, and especially how it responds to the World Anti-Doping Agency, is highly significant for the future of elite sport and for the world anti-doping regime. Through painstaking efforts, the researchers visited Beijing to conduct field research four times and interviewed a total of 22 key sports personnel, including officials at the General Administration of Sports of China, the China Anti-Doping Agency, and individual sport associations, as well as sport scholars and leading officials of China's professional sports leagues.


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