The Deaflympics Games : facts, statistics, photos : 1924-2018 / Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas

Pinchas, Rafael Pinkhasov

Edité par Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas. New York - 2018

In this book, the reader will find interesting and comprehensive statistical information about the history of all medal winners of both Deaflympics Summer and Winter Games in 30 different sports, including the list of all medal winners of the last Games held at Khanty Mansiysk, Russia, in 2015 and Samsun, Turkey, in 2017. The book also displays 24 different topics, in which many unique photos of world's outstanding athletes and sports administrators are featured. For the first time, the book includes information on subjects such as the Deaflympics Double Games Club Members, the Deaflympics Games medal-tying result performances, the ten most medaled families at the Deaflympics and much more.

A pour autre édition sur un support différent : Les Jeux Sourdlympiques : faits, statistiques, photos : 1924-2019 : 95ème anniversaire

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