Mental health among athletes : the hidden problem / Richard Bollig

Pardo, Nadira | Bollig, Richard

Edité par Scholars' Press. Beau Bassin - 2018

A number of factors have contributed to the misconception that collegiate, professional, and elite athletes are devoid of mental health problems, or have a decreased risk for developing these types of problems compared to the general population. This book provides a literature review and thematic analysis of previous research with these athlete populations to examine the prevalence of mental health conditions and identify unique protective and risk factors impacting mental health among athletes. A discussion is provided regarding the factors that contribute to the development of athlete mental health problems. The results and findings presented in this book demonstrate that the prevalence rate of mental health conditions among athletes is comparable to the rate in the general population, and may, in fact be higher due to athletes' unwillingness to report these conditions. Implications for the field of sport psychology are discussed, including the shift to more comprehensive focus that emphasizes not only sport performance, but also assessment, treatment, and prevention of mental health problems among athletes at all levels of participation.

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