On-line educational programme : coach-athlete relationship empowerment : CARE / Sophia Jowett... [et al.]

Jowett, Sophia

Edited by Loughborough University. Loughborough - 2018

There is evidence to indicate that quality coach-athlete relationships are vital for athletes’ performance including motivation and engagement as well as wellbeing including satisfaction and vitality. However, training programmes that raise athletes’ (and coaches’) awareness about the role and significance of coach-athlete relationships were up until now non-existent. We developed an online educational program with the aim to enhance athletes’ (and coaches’) knowledge and understanding of the central role of good quality coach-athlete relationships alongside communication and conflict. The programme focuses on empowering athletes and coaches to take an active role in developing partnerships in which they work collaboratively, supporting one another in an attempt to bring about positive change in performance. The programme covers information from academics and high profile performance practitioners including coaches, athletes, sport psychologists, scientists (e.g., physiologists), performance directors and coach educators. It further contains engaging lectures, interviews, quizzes, and activities. The effectiveness of the on-line educational programme was tested by practitioners (sport psychology trainees) and athletes. Analysis of the results highlighted that the on-line educational programme can be beneficial in raising awareness around the broad topic of coach-athlete relationships and in addition it can support the development and maintenance of good quality relationships over time.


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