Does the Olympic agenda 2020 have the power to create a new Olympic heritage? : an analysis for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games bid / Martin Schnitzer, Lukas Haizinger

Schnitzer, Martin | Haizinger, Lukas

This study analyzes whether the Olympic Agenda plays a crucial role for the future of the Olympic Games. The authors, therefore, examined the official IOC documents and feasibility studies of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games (WOG) bidders and conducted qualitative interviews with experts in the field. The results reveal that the 2026 WOG hosts plan to reduce the budgets for the organization and the infrastructure costs in the host regions. As a consequence, the number and nature of the sites and venues as well as the distances between them will increase. This means that the future Olympic heritage may lay less in iconic buildings but rather focus on the attempt to fulfil the city’s long-term strategies. The analyses extend the literature by: (1) analysing the Olympic Agenda in view of future Olympic Games, (2) comparing experiences from past Olympic Games with those of current bidders, (3) integrating expert knowledge thanks to qualitative interviews and, finally, (4) considering new heritage concepts.


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