World stadium index : stadiums built for major sporting events : bright future or future burden ? / by Jens Alm

Alm, Jens | Danish Institute for Sports Studies

Edited by Danish Institute for Sports Studies/Play the Game. Copenhagen - 2012

This report from the Danish Institute for Sports Studies/Play the Game has the objective to obtain a greater understanding of the sporting legacy of stadiums built for or having undergone major renovations to host a major international sporting event. Several brand new stadiums have been built or renovated for specific events, but the legacy of such stadiums and to what extent they are used after the event are in many cases unclear. The study detailed in this report was conducted in order to assess the sustainability of stadiums built for major international sports events in terms of sporting and financial sustainability. Do substantial investments in stadiums for mega events lead to significant utilisation after the event? Is it possible for all stadiums to be utilised to a higher extent after the major sporting event? Is there a complex of general problems present, and if so: How and where are they occurring? How can we avoid the potential problems? Are there any model examples? And why have they succeeded? The overall results presented in the report allow us to answer at least some of the questions related to stadiums that have been constructed or undergone major renovations due to a major sporting event.


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