Sports governance observer 2015 : the legitimacy crisis in international sports governance / Arnout Geeraert

Geeraert, Arnout | Danish Institute for Sports Studies

Edited by Play the Game. Copenhagen - 2015

This report presents the "Sports governance observer", a benchmarking tool for good governance in international sports federations based on basic good governance criteria, and its application to the 35 Olympic international sports federations. The first part briefly explores the origins of this report. These are to be found in the Action for Good Governance in International Sports Organisations (AGGIS) project, which received financial support in 2012-2013 from the European Commission’s Preparatory Actions in the field of sport. The project produced a checklist of good governance elements for international sports federations. This report elaborates this checklist into a practical benchmarking tool with a scoring system. The second part presents an in-depth study of the governance of 35 Olympic sports federations. This study uses the data collected within the framework of the application of the "Sports governance observer" survey to the 35 Olympic federations.

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