Talent identification and development within Paraguay's sports system : an analysis of a developing country / Johannes Regier

Regier, Johannes

Edité par AV Akademikerverlag. Beau Bassin - 2019

As a developing nation, Paraguay has been known in the last several years for being a small yet growing economy. This growth is also visible in sports where the development is evidenced by a growing number of elite athletes, an improvement in international competition rankings and growing financial support by the government. By interviewing managers of the three largest sports organizations in Paraguay, an exhaustive description of the sports system is provided and the current scenario of talent identification and development analyzed. A growing attention of nations on elite success has increased the investment into high-performance sport. One of the central pillars to achieve international success is the identification and development of talent. In Paraguay, more attention has been given to the development of talent, whereas for the identification and selection process this is not the case. The underlying purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a broader understanding of the sports scenario in a developing country from an organizational perspective.

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