Olympic ambivalence : the Oslo process for the 2022 Winter Games / Jon Helge Lesjø

Helge Lesjø, Jon

In 2012 the City of Oslo together with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the Confederation of Sports (NIF) started a campaign to bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. In July 2014 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) accepted Oslo as a candidate city. Yet, on 1 October, the Conservative party's parliamentary wing recommended no support for any state guarantee, a decision that the Conservative-led national government immediately supported. The City of Oslo and its partner NIF were then obliged to follow suit and to end the campaign. The IOC, having lost their last European candidate, expressed that it was aggrieved at this turn of events. This paper highlights the ambiguity of the policy process leading up to Oslo's withdrawal. The decision contributed not only to an Olympic crisis but probably also to an alteration of the regulations and demands that the IOC places on future host cities.

See the collection "Fourteenth International Symposium for Olympic Research"

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