The pictograms / Eva Bensard

Bensard, Eva | Musée olympique (Lausanne)

Edited by Le Musée Olympique. Lausanne - 2018

Since 1964, each edition of the Games has produced its own set of pictograms and redefines the genre. In that respect, the Games have played a major role in disseminating these “picture signs”, which have become omnipresent in our lives. For teachers, and devised by The Olympic Museum, this sheet is made up of five sections: “Did you know?”, which gives pupils the key elements to learn about the Olympic pictograms ; “Olympic object”, which presents an item from the Olympic patrimony ; activities to develop observational skills, knowledge and creativity for 6-10 years olds ; pupils can work on these tailor-made activities in class, alone or in small groups ; activities on the same principle, for ages 11-15 ; “Resources” with additional documents for teachers (books, articles, educational support, etc.)

A for another edition on the same support: Les pictogrammesA for another edition on the same support: Die Piktogramme

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