The rise of the "shamateur" : the International Olympic Committee and the preservation of the amateur ideal / Matthew P. Llewellyn & John T. Gleaves

Llewellyn, Matthew P | Gleaves, John

The inter-war years marked a period of profound change in the international, political and social order. In the aftermath of the Great War, western civilization reemerged from the shadows radically transformed. In this era of widespread social and political upheaval, the dominant traditions of bourgeois amateurism came under serious assault. As democratic impulses swept throughout Europe and North America, the aristocratic, patriarchal, and conservative power structure that sustained and legitimized the amateur ethos was rocked to its core. Progressively-minded European and Latin American nations, in concert with a small band of international governing bodies of sport, pushed for a gradual loosening of amateur restraints during the inter-war years. The article focuses on the International Olympic Committee and the preservation of its vaunted amateur ethos.

See the collection "Eleventh International Symposium for Olympic research"

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