Skateboarding between subculture and the Olympics : a youth culture under pressure from commercialization and sportification / eds. Veith Kilberth... [et al.]

Kilberth, Veith

Edited by Transcript Verlag. [Bielefeld] - 2019

The inclusion of skateboarding as an official discipline in the 2020 Olympic Games marks the pinnacle of a decades-long process of commercialization and sportification. Is the tightly-knit subculture in danger of losing its very identity? This anthology creates an analytical framework for understanding the fundamental conflict between  skateboarding's core ethos and the tenets of institutionalized sports. Eleven acclaimed international authors from the fields of architecture, philosophy, sociology, sports sciences and gender studies provide a unique perspective on the manifold manifestations of skateboarding previously ignored by academic discourse.

A for another edition on the same support: Skateboarding zwischen Subkultur und Olympia : eine jugendliche Bewegungskultur im Spannungsfeld von Kommerzialisierung und Versportlichung

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