The suffering body in sport : shifting thresholds of pain, risk and injury / ed. by Kevin Young

Young, Kevin

Edited by Emereo Publishing Group. Bingley - 2019

This volume closely explores the full panorama of pain, risk and injury in the cultural, organizational and legal orbits of sport spaces. Aimed at students, researchers as well as applied professionals, the volume sets the cultural, structural and organizational context that gives rise to pain, risk and injury in the first place, provides substantive empirical examples from diverse sports arenas, looks at the key issues and dimensions of pain, risk and injury in the social consciousness today, and explores three different 'spins' on making sense of the subject matter, from the position of the issue of consent and the courts, from the position of exploitation and corporate victimization, and from the understudied position of why athletes exit sport as an outcome of pain and injury and with what consequences. 

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