Sport development and Olympic studies : past, present and future / Stephan Wassong, Michael Heine, Robert Hess

Wassong, Stephan | Heine, Michael | Hess, Rob

Edité par Routledge. London - 2019

n 2017 the Olympic Studies Centre of the German Sport University organized a workshop on Sport Development and Olympic Studies. The presentations and discussions they engendered, identifying new international collaborative research fields and deepening research on the Olympics, Olympic Movement and sport development, resulted in this book. A unifying aspect of the chapters is the effective application of the hermeneutical method. The interpretive strengths of this method sharpen the analytical perspective of the chapters, with the strict requirements for the use of primary sources meaning that the contributors have conducted extensive archival research. Assuring thematic coherence, the studies assembled for this book focus on the analysis of processes of continuity, transformation and development across four areas: sport institutions and their policies; commissions within and policies of governing bodies of sports; legacy discussions; and sport events within the Summer and Winter Olympic Games transformed into political and cultural spectacles. Bringing together experts in the field, Sport Development and Olympic Studies will be of great use to scholars of Sport Development, Sport History, The Olympics and Sport Sociology.

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