Olympic Games a sustainable design assessment for host location / N. M. Hanafi and S. A. Gammaz

Hanafi, N. M. | Gammaz, S. A.

When a city decides to make a bid, all its concerns is much more captivated by the urban transformation impact on the city whether it's a positive or a negative one. As a result, several factors, if not well-organized and taken into consideration in the strategic development plans of the host cities, may be a burden on the city. Site selection for the event is considered one of the main critical decisions to assure the possibility of the host of the Games by the city. Therefore, this paper reviews several case studies that proved its success in location choice under the delivery of sustainable urban design and strategic planning for the host city. It attempts to mention the main urban design elements affected by the preparation process. Consequently, an urban design sustainable assessment will be developed highlighting both the main urban design factors affected due to the host of the Olympic Games and, the main sustainable key factors affected by the urban changes on site.

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