From "empty hands" to "hands with gloves" : a sociological analysis on karate and Olympic Games / Marcelo Alberto de Oliveira... [et al.]

Oliveira, Marcelo Alberto de

When a sociological perspective is aimed at sports organizations in a general sense, it is possible to find, in a complex scenario, power disputes that condition the future of their agents (athletes, coaches, managers, presidents, among others). Aiming to investigate how these power struggles behave and establish connections historically, the authors use official documents and secondary sources to discuss, with Pierre Bourdieu and other thinkers, the presentation of how the sport field is built where karate, as a sport, fits with the conditioning factors for its entry into the official modalities of the International Olympic Committee. As a result of the research, it was noted that the entry of karate into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was characterized by various structural changes to suit the moral, ethical and safety precepts of the modern Olympic Movement.

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