Economic evaluation of the Olympic Games / Prithvi Singh Rai

Singh Rai, Prithvi

The purpose of this paper and study is to figure which key economic factors can help us explain country performance (medals) in the Olympics. The paper focuses on 3 key objectives, namely: to produce a list of possible key economic factors that can explain performance, to produce a simple Mathematical model based on these factors which could possibly predict the Olympic tally at a country level, to identify the degree to which these factors will influence Olympic performance. The study has been carried out in a way to develop a conceptual model and to analyze the hypotheses. The author has considered the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, sampled with 83 countries and 946 medals for the study. Based on the findings of the study, a few recommendations have been made, which if implemented in developing countries like India, may contribute to improve the sports performance of these countries in future.


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