Golden news? : analysis of summarizing coverage of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 on German TV / Lars-Ole Wehden, Nathalie Schröer

Wehden, Lars-Ole | Schröer, Nathalie

A maximum amount of media coverage is desirable for every sport to attract potential fans, new active members, and sponsors. The Olympic Games draw large audiences and are therefore a chance for niche sports to enter the big media stage. Large time differences between the hosting city and the audiences’ home countries sometimes limit the amount of live coverage viewers can consume – increasing the importance of summarizing coverage formats like bulletins and news shows. This study analyzes this type of coverage about the Olympic Games 2018 on German TV and tries to find predictors for variances in coverage time, with the help of news values theory. Results show that the success of national athletes is by far the strongest predictor, while simplicity, identification, and surprise play a lesser role and tradition and gender seem to make no significant difference in the amount of summarizing coverage a competition yields.


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