Anti-ambush marketing legislation and institutionalized brand protection : impacts and implications / Dana Ellis, Benoit Séguin, Milena Parent

Ellis, Dana Lee | Séguin, Benoit | Parent, Milena M

This study examined how institutionalized legislated Olympic brand protection has impacted Olympic ambush marketing and sponsorship. While direct marketing implications of anti-ambush marketing legislation are found to be minimal in this context, it is argued the practice represents a portion of a regime of brand protection and that public relations outcomes of legislated brand protection must be carefully managed as part of a brand management strategy. Similarly, proportionality and managing expectations are arguably important in the understanding and application of such laws. Finally, it is suggested that while the Olympic Movement may be viewed as an institutional entrepreneur with respect to anti-ambush legislation in the mega-event field, the individual character of each Olympic Games could interfere with complete isomorphism.


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