Benchmarking the Buenos Aires 2018 athletes' perspective for a longitudinal analysis of Youth Olympic Games athlete experience and learning / Milena M. Parent... [et al.]

Parent, Milena M

Edited by University of Ottawa. Ottawa - 2019

This study’s purpose was to understand the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) athlete’s experience pertaining to the learning environment in both their sport and the general atmosphere. Results indicate the location, athletes’ village (number of athletes and activities, living together with the best young athletes from around the world, and the convergence of different countries, cultures and sports in one location), atmosphere and crowds, venues, sport competitions, security, transportation upon arrival, and learning (especially from Athlete Role Models and peers) contributed to athletes’ positive experience and enjoyment of the BA2018. Integrating the findings, we find the YOG’s value depends on young athletes’ positive Games experience, which in turn, allows them to help fulfil the YOG’s promise by becoming Olympic Movement ambassadors once they return home.


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