The business and culture of sports : society, politics, economy, environment / ed. Joseph Maguire... [et al.]

Maguire, Joseph

Edited by Gale. Farmington - 2019

This four volume set provides peer-reviewed, cross-disciplinary insights for students and researchers investigating the cultural and economic impact of sports in the twenty-first century. Thematic chapters serve as a resource for social science, humanities, and business-related coursework on a variety of topics, since many instructors are turning to sports-related issues or incidents to provide case studies that appeal to young people. The set is unique in providing in depth analysis of both U.S.-based and international perspectives. Special emphasis is given to themes with entwined economic, political, and cultural reverberations, such as sports and inequality, gender, diplomacy, social mobility, race relations, and environmental sustainability.

Vol. 1 : Foundations. - Vol. 2 : Sociocultural perspectives. - Vol. 3 : Community. - Vol. 4 : Governance.

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