Skate at mount Olympus / Tiago Brant de Carvalho Falcão, Ricardo Ricci Uvinha

Brant de Carvalho Falcão, Tiago | Ricci Uvinha, Ricardo

This article has as its object the Brazilian and international skateboarding community and aims to analyze the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympic program prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The project also intends to understand the importance of skateboarding as a field of physical activity to promote leisure and to present, from the inclusion of this sport in the Olympic Games, the practice of this modality based on the positive aspects of Olympism. Through the analysis of the information obtained through the bibliographical survey and the interviews undertaken, it can be said that the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympic program has great possibilities not only to rejuvenate its audience, but also to reaffirm Olympic values.

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