Black female, and communities encompassing sexual minorities in sport : Olympic Games as means of fighting for equality / Mateusz Rozmiarek, Ewa Malchrowicz-Mośko

Rozmiarek, Mateusz | Malchrowicz-Mośko, Ewa

After an arduous fight for the rights of women and black people practically throughout the entire twentieth century, the voice of members of community encompassing sexual minorities and other individuals with non-normative genders has been increasingly appearing in the public discourse. This is another group that began to demand respect and acceptance. Their actions are carried out at different levels. One of such ventures are the Olympic Games, whose range of influence and popularity is regularly increasing. Is there, therefore, a time-dependent correlation between the biannually held (alternately summer and winter), most recognized international sports competitions and the actions of people belonging to sexual minorities whose orientation is not heterosexual and people with gender identity different from their assigned sex? The following analysis shows the Olympic history in that regard, which, supplemented with numerous sport threads about the fight for the rights of women and people with a skin color other than white, is designed to verify the presented hypothesis.


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