Olympic values in the 21st century : between continuity and change / Otavio Tavares

Tavares, Otávio

Edited by Centre d’Estudis Olímpics (UAB). Bellaterra - 2010

Olympic values may be narrowly tied to the 20th century and its values. Although sports had their beginning in the 19th century, they may be affirmed to have assumed their virtually universal popular character in the 20th, particularly in the second half. In the lecture, the author attempts to analyse the so-called “Olympic values” as a form of expression and possible configuration of humanism and western modernity. In the second part, from a review of what has been discussed regarding the change and/or crisis of values that guide the contemporary world, he attempts to examine facts that might indicate a possible reconfiguration of Olympic values. Finally, he analyses how the intellectual fundamentals of Olympism itself have furnished us elements to think about the permanence and relevance of Olympic values in the 21st century within a context of continuity and change.

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