Sports industry : time to refocus? : PwC's sports survey 2019


Edited by PwC. [S.l.] - 2019

This survey was conducted by the Sports Business Advisory team between June and August 2019 through an online questionnaire distributed to sports industry leaders around the world. In total PwC received 590 responses to our questionnaire across 49 counties. This year, PwC has complemented its assessment of overall industry growth by zoning in on the opportunities presented to – and challenges faced by – sports organisations on an individual level. This is reflected in the content of the report’s three deep-dive sections: (i) the importance of, and key enablers for, innovation within established sports organisations; (ii) the key benefits and challenges of direct-to-consumer content distribution and how commercially viable this channel is at present; and (iii) how sports federations are performing and where they should focus their efforts and resources in the midterm.


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