Olympic medallists and Olympians as role models : their educational role : 4th International session for Olympic medallists or Olympians : 2-9 July 2018 / International Olympic Academy

Geōrgiadēs, Kōnstantinos | International Olympic Academy. International Session for Olympic Medallists or Olympians. 4, Olympia, 2018

Edited by International Olympic Academy. Athens - 2019

The 4th successive International Session for Olympic Medallists or Olympians that took place from 2 to 9 July 2018 in Ancient Olympia has established an additional link in the effort to incorporate the new special theme session into the IOA educational programme launched in 2007, to attract the international community of Olympians to the cradle of Olympism, Ancient Olympia. While still in the process of developing, this Session aims to become the most important pole of attraction for Olympians, whether medallists or not. This year’s Session focused on the role of athletes and Olympic medallists as social and educational models. A subject that has been at the centre of debate in recent years and concerns the impact of the image of Olympians at the national and international level. It is clear that the question of the athlete as a role model, despite its different readings, remains a very attractive open field of research and debate

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