The impact of 2014 Olympic Games on Sochi tourism life cycle

Alexandrova, Anna Yu | Aigina, Ekaterina V. | Minenkova, Vera V.

The Winter Olympic Games in 2014 were intended to be a catalyst for the development of Sochi as a winter resort and, together with its reputation as a summer holiday destination, turn this area into a year-round tourist destination. The study focuses on the legacy of post-Olympic tourism in Sochi, its preservation, growth and effective work in relation to the life cycle of the tourist zone of Sochi. Historical perspective and field studies, statistical and content analysis supported by in-depth interviews of tourism subjects reveal the key tourism development problems and ways for their solution in the post-Olympic period. Further improvement of the year-round tourism product of Sochi requires additional efforts in marketing promotion, smoothing of seasonal fluctuations, organization of work of the operator company on management of Olympic facilities and expansion of new types of tourism activities.


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