The Jordan Olympic Committee's approach to education / Sawsan Shaikh Saleh

Shaikh Saleh, Sawsan

Edited by Université catholique de Louvain. Louvain - 2019

This research has been run upon the Jordan Olympic Committee’s (JOC) need to answer the questions of what would be the best approach to education by the JOC; this question also involves multiple sub-questions of whether the JOC should keep fulfilling the education function through an in-house education department, which is the current situation, while some educational programs are being fulfilled through other departments, making the education function decentralized, or to establish a National Olympic Academy and have it as a centralized umbrella for all the educational programs while keeping it under the umbrella of the JOC. Another option was to establish partnerships and affiliations with some educational and academic institutions in order to deliver specialized programs jointly with the JOC.

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