Pre-planning of a structure to develop and implement the National Olympic and Sports Committe of the Republic of Moldova's strategic planning for 2021-2024 / Cristina Vasillianov

Vasillianov, Cristina

Edited by Université catholique de Louvain. Louvain - 2019

The goal of the present paper is to develop a structure within which the NOSC of the Republic of Moldova could be able to create an effective strategic plan for 2021-2024. Many internal and external factors influence the strategic planning. The strategy itself created in the framework of the present paper sets the following line of goals: 1. Promotion of the Republic of Moldova on the international sports arena. 2. Promoting clean sport, combat doping. 3. Promoting and helping to increase the potential of coaches. 4. Increasing the federations’ administration potential. 5. Promoting sport through the unity of the national sport movement.

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