Building a communication plan to enhance internal communication of the NOC of the Czech Republic / Barbora Žehanová

Žehanová, Barbora

Edited by Université catholique de Louvain. Louvain - 2019

With an increasing number of varied projects aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and sport, the organisation has grown bigger, in terms of both staff members and office space, in just the past few years. Czech National Olympic Committee’s (NOC) team is now divided into two main offices, and some staff members are also working from other locations – including outside of the capital or even the country. This overall positive and quite speedy evolution has also created some gaps and difficulties in the internal communication of the Czech NOC. Therefore, this project was aimed at finding out what the organisation could improve to achieve a more effective and efficient sharing of information among its staff members – as good internal communication is vital for any kind of establishment.

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