Universidad y estudios olímpicos : seminarios España-Brasil 2006 / org. Miquel de Morgas... [et al.]

Moragas Spà, Miquel de

Edited by Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Centre d'Estudis Olímpics. Bellaterra - 2007

This e-book is the result of the Spanish-Brazilian Programme of Interuniversity Cooperation promoted by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University Gama Filho in 2006 entitled "The Olympic values" as a research object in the area of education and culture in Spain and Brazil. The book gathers 102 contributions from 13 Brazilian and Spanish universities which encourage and promote research in Olympic Studies. Prominent themes selected from the authors' contributions, among other traditional and new approaches to Olympic Studies, include athletes and society; multiculturalism; gender equity; Olympic education; volunteerism; management; Olympic Games; Olympism, social inclusion, arts and Paralympics.


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