Internationalism in the Olympic Movement : idea and reality between nations, cultures, and people / Holger Preuss... [et al.] (eds.)

Preuss, Holger

Edité par VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften. Wiesbaden - 2011

Internationalism in the Olympic Movement - a symposium / Holger Preuss. - European sport policy in the field of tension between internationalism and globalization / Karl-Heinz Schneider. - Construction of internationalism in Latin America : results of the multicultural research program "Olympic Studies Resader" led by China and Brazil / Lamartine Da Costa and Ana Mirgaya. - Interpretation of internationalism in the Korean philosophy and life world with special emphasis on the Olympic Movement / Shin-pyo Kang. - Olympic sport and internationalism debates in the Arab-Muslim world / Mahfoud Amara. - Olympic rings as a brand and symbol for internationalism : a North American perspective / Benoît Séguin.
Internationalism in olympic education ? a European comparison / Roland Naul. - The social construction of the International Olympic Academy as a model of Cosmopolis ? / Karsten Liese. - Olympic youth and new media : the global olympic village / Roy Panagiotopoulou. - Challenge vs. internationalism ? intercultural meeting at the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012 / Martin Schnizter. - Internationalism as a pattern of value in disability sport : idea and reality between states, cultures, and people / Ted Fay. - (International) Paralympic youth camps : the realisation of an idea of the German Handicapped Sports Youth Association (Deutsche Behindertensportjugend DBSJ) / Norbert Fleischmann.

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