Rio 2016 Olympic Games third anniversary special edition : Olympic Studies Forum, 2-3 September 2019. : Federal University of Sergipe, Aracaju, Brazil : supplementary issue

Edited by University of Alicante. Alicante - 2020

This special issue was published following the 2019 the Olympic Studies Forum, that was held the 2-3 September 2019 at the Federal University of Sergipe, (Aracaju, Brazil), which brought together academics and researchers from the Olympic themes. There were oral presentations and conferences with the aim of preserving or recreating the legacies of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

An exploration of the corporate objectives of the Rio 2016 Olympic Sponsors — Pena, Bianca Gama; Papadimitriou, Dimitra; Costa, Lamartine da.
Trend to symptom-based depression in sub-elite and sports athletes — Rêgo, Daianne Cardinalli... [et al.].
Innovation and technology in Olympic Studies Brazilian publications based on Olympic Agenda 2020 — Freitas-Miragaya, Ana Maria de.
Sports, the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Programme — Paes-Marques, Braulio.
Rio 2016 Paralympic athletes on digital social networks — Teixeira, Carlos; Faggiani, Fernanda; Scarton, Alessandra.
Military rehabilitation programs and Paralympic Movement — Haiachi, Marcelo de Castro.
Values and attitudes in social sport: A test of the explanatory model of values and attitudes of sport — Saldanha, Ricardo Pedrozo... [et al.].
Olympic Philosophy: An experience report of the approach to the transteoric model to measure motivation in the practice of physical activity — Britto-Pereira... [et al.].
Do executive functions discriminate sports performance in young soccer athletes? — Sartori, Rodrigo Flores... [et al.].
The eSports and Olympic Games: Perspectives of an ongoing debate — Todt, Nelson... [et al.].
Brazilian Paralympic sport initiation: The road from Rio to Los Angeles — Cardoso, Vinícius Denardin... [et al.].

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