Breaking for gold : another crossroads in the divergent history of this dance / Rong Zhi Li, Yonatan Asher Vexler

Zhi Li, Rong | Asher Vexler, Yonatan

Veteran breakers have always viewed their dance as a form of art, but the public often views it as a competitive sport, trying to standardize and commercialize this dance as other forms of physical education often are. The World Dance Sport Federation has recently succeeded in adding ‘breakdance’ into the Olympic movement and the first ever Olympic event of its kind took place during the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. Twenty years of historical hermeneutic research, ethnography, and social-scientific analysis have revealed a development trend in which the art of breaking has been becoming more and more similar to competitive sports, but these veterans believe that breaking is best encouraged to continue realizing its social, cultural, and artistic values. In order for more people to be able to enjoy the full range of its potential benefits, breaking should not be made to lose its unique characteristics during assimilation into the world of sports.

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