Lausanne : bridging the activity gap in the city of sport / text by Rachel Beacher

Beacher, Rachel

Olympic Capital Lausanne is world famous for elite sports and sport for all. Like all cities, it has a hidden story, with many residents not physically active. For many years, the city has strived to make physical activity accessible to everyone, with a special focus as part of the legacy of the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020. This commitment has won Lausanne the right to be named the world’s seventh global active city.

A for another edition on the same support: Lausanne : combler le manque d'activité physique dans la ville du sportA for another edition on the same support: Lausana : reduciendo la brecha del sedentarismo en la ciudad del deporte

See the issue of "Olympic review, 114, January-February-March 2020"

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