Leveraging the ILO for human rights and workers’ rights in international sporting events / Dantam Le

Le, Dantam

Sports play a central role in quality education for all, and sports have been found to advance public health, and international sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup have great potential to advance human rights. The author argues that although the International Labour Organization (ILO) has become more effective in dealing with human rights and workers’ rights violations that occur in connection with these international sporting events, the ILO needs to enact more stringent enforcement mechanisms to force countries to comply with the ILO standards by working closely with the International Olympics Committee and Federation Internationale de Football Association. Part II gives an introduction to the ILO and explores what the ILO has done to address labor abuses in connection with international sporting events. Part III discusses various proposals through which the ILO could enforce human rights and workers’ rights violations in sports. Part IV explores current academic theories on how to combat the human rights and labor abuses connected with mega-sporting events. Part V is a survey of the ILO response to the recent Olympics and World Cup human rights and workers’ rights violations, and part VI briefly concludes the paper.


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